Our IoT References

Transatel works with enterprises across many industries, helping them make their operations more efficient and their business more profitable. From smart metering and asset tracking to telematics and predictive maintenance, our global cellular data connectivity solutions enable any IoT use case, anywhere in the world.


Transatel enables car connectivity worldwide without roaming costs or lock-in with a mobile carrier. We offer independence from local MNOs and simple and scalable fleet deployment in more than 180 destinations. OEMs can now benefit from secure M2M and telematics connectivity for vehicle-centric apps as well as a B2C connectivity management platform for passenger-centric apps.

FCA Group (now Stellantis) chose Transatel’s global connectivity solution for its suite of connected car services. Our (e) SIM enables telematics and SOTA / FOTA updates, eCall, Wi-Fi as well as voice assistance on board.
Transatel provides connectivity for Jaguar Land Rover group’s on-board infotainment services, Wi-Fi, and SOTA updates in Europe. JLR chose Transatel’s connectivity solution for its ability to provide traffic classification and split billing.
Fiat chose Transatel as its cellular connectivity solution partner to equip its connected vehicles. Our single (e) SIM enables telematics, SOTA / FOTA updates, eCall, Wi-Fi, and even Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant on board!
Jeep chose Transatel’s cellular connectivity platform to support telematics, Wi-Fi onboard, and SOTA / FOTA updates.
Maserati trusts Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution to support its suite of connected car services: a single SIM enabling Wi-Fi onboard, eCall, telematics, and SOTA / FOTA updates.
Transatel’s cellular connectivity solution is embarked in Alpha Romeo‘s connected cars. Our single SIM enables car telematics, SOTA / FOTA updates, eCall, and end-user infotainment via Wi-Fi on board.
Transatel’s global secure connectivity powers Mopar Connect, the aftermarket connected services solution for B2B fleet management. Mopar chose Transatel for its smooth and flexible integration.
Transatel provides DAF with a global connectivity solution to activate advanced services (fleet management, vehicle availability, enhanced analytics, …). Using a single Transatel SIM card, DAF Trucks get fault-free validation in the factory and telematics services, worldwide.
Xee partners with Transatel to connect vehicles, collect and value mobility data. From OEM and automakers to insurance and Smart Cities applications, we provide turnkey solutions to the mobility industry including devices, platforms, and worldwide connectivity.
Canoo leverages Transatel’s global cellular connectivity solution for the testing of its highly innovative and futuristic-looking electric-powered van. We can’t wait for its release in 2022!
Transatel’s connectivity enables OPSILOG’s vehicles tracking system. They chose our solution for its reliable SIM management platform, and competitive prices, worldwide.
Sheeld’s telematics solution relies on Transatel’s cellular connectivity across Europe. Embedded in Sheeld’s devices, our SIM cards enable data, SMS, and voice connectivity for eCall, bCall, vehicles geolocalisation, and maintenance.
Transatel provides cellular connectivity for a bus fleet management service. They chose Transatel’s solution for its quick deployment and its full coverage of the European continent

Industry 4.0

Transatel helps industries transition to smart factories with global cellular connectivity. Thanks to an always-on solution, they can optimize the performance and reliability of production units as well as reduce the risk of production downtime.

Transatel provides Airbus with worldwide and secure cellular connectivity to enable predictive maintenance of its aircrafts. Airbus planes can now transmit critical data captured by on-board sensors to Skywise, its predictive maintenance platform.
Transatel provides connectivity for Air France ‘s worldwide prepaid data services, addressing both customers and crews.
Transatel provides connectivity to Comau ‘s industry 4.0-enabled systems and products, which offers predictive maintenance to its customers. They chose Transatel’s solution for its global coverage and for its SIM management platform. #predictivemaintenance
BDR Thermea boiler sensors are equipped with SIM 901 cards from Transatel, which enables predictive maintenance . #predictivemaintenance
Transatel provides cellular connectivity to enable Sterela integration solution for IoT. They chose Transatel for the functionality of our SIM management platform and our multi-networks capability.
Transatel provides a special connectivy service for NTT Limited’s top executives, allowing them to work everywhere, at any time.
The allows cellular connectivity provided by Transatel Eiffage to monitor the use of its water towers in real time.
Transatel provides global connectivity for AMCS ‘ system to prevent cranes’ collisions and monitor their activity. They chose Transatel for our support in the deployment of the connectivity project.
Transatel’s connectivity solution is embedded in Ingeo ‘s total stations, allowing them to communicate in real time the measured data.
This French company offers electronic protection services, to which Transatel’s connectivity allows reliable and secure communication. #security
Tracer is a vegetal walls specialist that works with the biggest French luxury brands to create innovative outlets. The various sensors that are scattered throughout those walls are equipped with Transatel 901 SIM cards. #smartbuilding #security

Smart mobility & logitics

To optimize the traceability of vehicles and goods, Transatel offers customized and scalable cellular connectivity solution. Thanks to Transatel’s global coverage, our clients’ fleet is always connected, always traceable!

Transatel provides a secure connectivity for FedEx ‘s Machine-to-Machine needs in its hubs, and also supplies the company with an additional wireless communication for communication between hubs and data centers.
Transatel’s solution is embedded in integrated solutions of IPSIP , tailored to meet specific needs of companies belonging to various industries.
Transatel provides cellular connectivity for Izivia ‘s electric vehicles charging station in Europe. They chose Transatel’s solution for its support during the deployement of the connectivity project.
Transatel’s solution allows WFD Food Delivery to geolocate its fleet of delivery persons in real time
Transatel provides cellular connectivity for COMODULE ‘s connected devices for shared mobility (bicyles and scooters). They chose Transatel’s solution for its global coverage.
Transatel provides connectivity to Prosecon ‘s solution to track sensitive vehicles and materials.
Connected cameras for journalists and cameramen.

Smart agriculture

Transatel supports the effort for data-driven farming with worldwide, always-on connectivity for connected robots, sensors, surveillance devices or tractors. Farmers can now avoid downtime and manage their equipment remotely!

Transatel is working with Kubota in order to bring the engines produced by the group into the Industry 4.0 era, thus enabling the development of new functionalities such as predictive maintenance .
Transatel provides cellular connectivity to collect telematics information from TCU of tractors. They chose Transatel for our full package solution, our quick deployment and our additional services.telematics.
Agreenculture connects its smart robot, CEOL, to improve crop yields and optimise farming thanks to its sensors’ data transmission. The robot can now transmit greater amounts of data and operate remotely thanks to Transatel’s worldwide 3G/4G connectivity!
Thanks to the cellular cellular connectivity provided by Transatel, RIOT TECH‘s cameras are easily deployed to monitor the livestock. They chose Transatel’s solution for its ability to provide a competitive multi-networks offer in France for high usages.
The French company produces a wide variety of equipment for the wine sector. The connectivity offered by Transatel operators to follow in real time the activity evolution and exogenous parameters
Thanks to Transatel’s solution, Unisensor ‘s sensors can transmit their diagnosis of contaminant detection within food products

Finance, retail & media

From dynamic displays to connected terminals, Transatel helps companies with full remote control of their devices thanks to a global and always-on connectivity.

Worldline ‘s point of sales terminals deployed in Belgium are equipped with Transatel’s connectivity , thus ensuring their usability .
Obole Digitale has revolutionized the religious charity through its digital donation kiosks, which are equipped with Transatel technology.
Oecko produces interactive screens for halls or public spaces. Thanks to Transatel technology, they can be immediately deployed in any location covered by the mobile network
Thanks to Transatel cellular connectivity, Weber video’s giant screens can be instantly deployed during temporary events
Transatel provides cellular connectivity to Moment ‘s portable wireless device designed to be used by airline passengers to bring a superior experience on-board
GestiXi uses Transatel’s connectivity solution to enable its offer of fully digitalized accounting tools
Advanquest Software commercializes a large variety of softwares for businesses and private individuals. Transatel’s connectivity allows for seamless, anywhere use of these solutions


Transatel supports the health industry by enabling IoT applications such as remote monitoring as well as data collection and transmission of equipments to help physicians provide the best treatments for patients.

Arone is a software editor for clinical research companies. Its solutions use Transatel’s technology in order to transmit the collected data .
Transatel’s SIM card 901 equips temperature monitoring and tracking solutions adapted to a wide variety of products (medical, food, logistics)
UBI Solutions’ smart washable mask avoids waste and helps fight the pandemic. It gives information on the number of uses left, when scanned by a terminal connected by Transatel
Aquama provides a 100% biodegradable sanitizing gel. Enabled by Transatel’s connectivity, their terminals can distribute gel without contact.
Transatel’s SIM 901 serves as back-up, or primary access in remote areas, to CompuGroup Medical France’s telecom solutions.
Ucare‘s smart watch is designed for elderly people and is able to send an alert message in the event of a fall. Thanks to the connectivity provided by Transatel, Ucare can ensure its customers that its product will be fully reliable when they may need it
Vizsafe produces kiosks able to quicky and effectively screen visitors and employees to measure their vital signs and to evaluate risk. Thanks the connectivity provided by Transatel, those kiosks can be deployed immediately
La Camda is a French cooperative specialized in the treatment of vermin to which Transatel has provided the ability to connect its agents and tools

Energy & Utilities

IoT plays a role in the ecological transition, which Transatel enables by connecting smart devices and equipments in order to optimize energy consumption.

Transatel provides connectivity to Ledger ‘s hardware to safely transfer data collected at the source of green energy production (wind turbines, solar panels or hydropower).
Solar Earth installed photovoltaic panels for companies, local authorities and farms. Transatel’s connectivity allows smart metering usage
Soltea Energie uses the connectivity offered by Transatel’s SIM 901 to communicate the data of its photovaltaic panels. # Greenenergy
This French company is specialized in the installation of solar panels on agricultural buildings (awning, shed, livestock lift, etc.), and the connectivity provided by Transatel allows the use of smart meterings
This ecological transition project in a French montainous region uses Transatel’s technology to pilot and coordinate its initiatives. # Greenenergy
Transatel provides the cellular connectivity that power the smart meterings in GED energy ‘s solar panels.
Transatel works with this company specialized in the deployment and maintenance of installations in order to make them “smart”. #greenenergy

Consumer devices

Most consumers expect to be connected and communicate anywhere, any time. With Transatel’s cellular connectivity, companies can now offer always-on devices such as laptops, smartphones or smartwatches.

Transatel co-developed the data customer journey framework in the Windows Store .
Transatel and NXP partner to bring OEMs an all-in-one, enhanced eSIM solution for the IoT.
Transatel provides various connectivity services to Acer to enable it to enter the IoT market, in particular by allowing customers to purchase prepaid bundles including Data and texts through a dedicated web-app
Lenovo Connect relies on Transatel for the launch of the MIIX 630 laptop in the USA.
Transatel Powers Transformer Mini with Native Global 4G LTE
Transatel provides cellular connectivity all over Europe to Sony‘s 4G Xperia tablet, to enhance its value proposition.
Thanks to Transatel’s solution,VAIO‘s implemented global end-to-end connectivity services to its laptops.
In the US, the Latitude 12 7000 Series sold with Windows 10 is powered by Transatel
Transatel provides global connectivity to Toshiba ‘s laptops designed for Smart Office / Home Office (SOHO) and Small-to-Medium Buisiness (SMB), to enhance their value proposition
Moochies produces smart watches destined to allow parents to communicate with their children and to track them in emergency situations. The global coverage of Transatel’s SIM 901 makes this watch operational worldwide.

Transatel rend possible la connectivité automobile sans frais de roaming ni d’exclusivité avec un opérateur, ce qui permet aux constructeurs automobile de simplifier leur déploiement international en toute indépendance. Ils peuvent à présent bénéficier d’une connectivité sécurisée de machine-à-machine et télématique pour des applications véhicule, ainsi que d’une plateforme de gestion B2C pour les applications des passagers.

Industrie 4.0

Transatel aide à la transition vers l’industrie intelligente grâce à une connectivité cellulaire mondiale. Toujours disponible, elle permet d’optimiser la performance et la fiabilité des unités de production ainsi que réduire le risque d’arrêt de production.

Mobilité intelligente et logistique

Afin d’optimiser la traçabilité des véhicules et des produits, Transatel offre une solution de connectivité cellulaire entièrement modulable et évolutive. Grâce à la couverture mondiale de Transatel, la flotte de nos clients est toujours connectée, toujours traçable!


Transatel aide au développement de l’agriculture basée sur la data grâce à une connectivité mondiale et toujours disponible pour connecter des robots, capteurs, appareils de surveillance ou même des tracteurs. Les fermiers peuvent maintenant éviter toute coupure et gérer leur équipement à distance!

Finance, retail & media

D’écrans interactifs à des bornes connectées, Transatel permet aux entreprises d’avoir un contrôle total à distance de leurs équipements et de bénéficier de données en temps réel grâce à une connectivité globale et stable.


Transatel aide l’industrie de la santé en permettant des applications de l’IoT telles que le contrôle et la transmission de données à distance des équipements. Cela permet au personnel de la santé d’offrir le meilleur traitement à leurs patients.


L’IoT joue également un rôle dans la transition écologique, que Transatel rend possible en connectant des dispositifs et des installations intelligentes qui optimisent la consommation de ressources et d’énergie.

Produits électroniques

La majorité des consommateurs s’attendent à pouvoir être connectés et communiquer n’importe où, n’importe quand. Grâce à la connectivité cellulaire de Transatel, les entreprises peuvent maintenant offrir des appareils toujours connectés : des ordinateurs portables, des montres connectées ou des téléphones.