Transatel’s IoT Connect SIM types

What SIM form factors can I order? 

IoT Connect SIM Types
The SIM is the key to cellular connectivity. Industrial use cases may require specific types of SIMs, able to withstand high temperatures or reinforced to resist to rough environments. 
We have the right SIM for you: we offer both SIM & eSIM, in all possible form factors, and have reinforced industrial-grade products available. 

IoT Connect are smart SIMs 
smart SIM and eSIM
Here is our standard catalogue:  

SIM catalogue

If you require a special type of SIM, we can also create a special product based on your needs. Just contact us and we’ll find the SIM of your dreams. 
Or if you want to use your own vendor’s SIMs, we can make it happen. 
For specific SIM orders, minimum volumes will apply, and a setup fee might be charged  
We can even customize your SIMs with: 
   Your own SPN (service provider name) 
   Your PIN parameters 
   Your design printed on the card 

personalized connectivity service