Usage of roaming

If it is roaming, then it must be very expensive, right? 

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No, roaming is simply the technical solution allowing for the interconnection with an operator, to be able to use their local network. On the business side of things, roaming prices are a matter of negotiation and use cases. Our business targets local mobile broadband and can benefit from local wholesale prices, with the aim to replicate local retail prices. 
Our 901 Mobile Country Code, which is international, allows us to technically separate those local use cases from the traditional roaming business of tourists in the country for only a short period of time. 

Roaming with near-to-local prices 
Roaming consist of two parts, one is technical and another one is commercial. Technical roaming is a standardized procedure within the GSMA, and the commercial discussion we have with local MNOs concern data traffic only. We ask our partner MNO for the capability to sell data usage at the local wholesale price, to make our customers competitive on their local markets. Their future success will warrant the MNO’s success as well. It’s a win-win situation in which MNOs can verify the reality of the data traffic our customers are generating. 
The concept is about providing seamless connectivity. This means a brand/partner/manufacturer streamlines their supply chain with a single SIM/IMSI, with the aim of a global deployment. The offer is data-only and the traffic is well isolated from an MNO’s perspective, as it’s diverted to our 901 MCC core network.  
We negotiate local tariffs for local usage and local devices that requires local connectivity. We are not targeting roaming usage, such as that of travellers.