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Best Practices for Scaling IoT Internationally

Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel and President of MVNO Europe, was recently invited by IoT For All podcast host Ryan Chacon to share his expertise on the worldwide scaling of IoT. 

During the insightful conversation, where they talk in-depth about the industry trends and future scope of IoT, we learn about the various challenges of deploying IoT internationally and the issues that relate to scaling cellular IoT projects. Transatel’s CEO discusses the problems revolving around telecom regulations and constraints from government institutions which are key considerations for implementing IoT solutions across borders.  

Watch the interview or listen to this podcast and learn from Jacques about:

  • Potential major market segments for IoT expansion.  
  • Common mistakes that companies make when they are trying to expand their IoT operations beyond borders. 
  • How to choose the best connectivity provider for your solution. 
  • Comparison between industrial and consumer IoT in terms of their use cases and the potential growth of their deployment.  

IoT for all is among the top places to visit to keep up with the latest advancements in IoT. The podcast is for all IoT solution manufacturers, testers, and deployers to scale their operations worldwide and avoid pitfalls along the way. 

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