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Transatel launches Ubigi, a global cellular service for the Internet of Things

Paris, France, October 3rd, 2018

Transatel is announcing today the launch of Ubigi, its new customer-facing brand dedicated to wireless services for the IoT. Ubigi currently provides connectivity for several leading manufacturers of laptops, tablets and automobiles in Europe, Japan and the USA. Transatel’s ambition is for the brand to become a worldwide reference in the IoT for seamless end-user experience.


From Mobile to IoT

Chosen by Microsoft in 2015 to enable its “Always Connected PCs” initiative, Transatel developed a turnkey, packaged and white-labeled cellular service native to Windows 10. Ubigi, an eSIM-compatible service, is deployed today by Microsoft Surface (US, Europe, and Japan), Asus (Europe), Acer (US, Europe), Vaio (Japan), and by Lenovo in the US under the Lenovo Connect brand.

Ubigi also enables on-board Wi-Fi and infotainment services for new models of the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges. The service offers the same advantages to the car industry as it does to the consumer electronics sector, namely: integrate once to deploy globally. Car manufacturers find an additional advantage in the zero-rating capability allowing them to perform over-the-air software updates at no cost to the end user.

Jacques Bonifay, Transatel CEO: “At this point in our development, we believed it was necessary to create a brand dedicated to the Internet of Things. Ubigi embodies this positioning, as relevant for laptops and tablets as it is for automobiles.”

Transatel’s track record

Transatel’s strength is that of having developed, over a period of 18 years, a versatile and award-winning Full cellular core network and enabling platform with a global reach. In 2012, Transatel receives the accreditation by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) of an international network code, the 901-37 MNC (Mobile Network Code). Based on this code, and on agreements signed with 140+ mobile network operators around the world, Transatel can offer data to end users at local prices anywhere in the world. These capabilities, combined with eSIM compatibility, business model flexibility, and subscriber management tools and apps, give Transatel a head start in the untapped territories of the IoT. Cellular technologies claim certain advantages over other technologies when it comes to connecting objects, namely with regards to data security.

About Transatel

As the leading European MVNE/A (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator), Transatel has, since its inception in 2000, launched over 170 MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and built a strong expertise in Machine-to-Machine connectivity, before entering the Internet of Things arena in 2014. Today, the company offers an unparalleled cellular solution for global, multi-local data connectivity with eSIM capabilities for the IoT, addressing the connected car, connected objects, and embedded connectivity markets.

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