Ubigi launches a mobile Internet rate calculator for travelers abroad

Mobile Internet access abroad is now an essential service for professionals and holidaymakers alike. But not at any price. Thanks to Ubigi, international travelers can now calculate and optimize their connectivity budget in one click.

Staying connected abroad, without breaking the bank

“Depending on whether you choose roaming or local packages, it is difficult to establish a clear budget for this expense,” says Marie-Julie Le Guen, Marketing Director of Ubigi, the consumer brand of the operator Transatel. “To meet the needs of increasingly connected travelers, we have developed a simulator that makes it very easy to calculate your mobile data budget according to your needs and to subscribe to an eSIM travel plan while you are packing your bags.

With more than 190 countries listed, the Ubigi simulator calculates the budget by country and by package, to plan your trips serenely and without unpleasant surprises. Thanks to Ubigi’s eSIM plans, travelers can make significant savings when traveling abroad by benefiting from mobile data at rates close to the local price, with no roaming charges.

“Private and professional travelers are very satisfied with our services. With a TrustScore of 4.2 on TrustPilot, Ubigi is the most popular eSIM mobile data provider on the market,” concludes Marie-Julie Le Guen, who has been in charge of the development of the brand since its creation in 2018.

Travelers can choose between local or regional packages in case of traveling trip. Example of packages for a stay in the USA:

To test the Ubigi eSIM services https://cellulardata.ubigi.com/mobile-devices/get-esim/

About Ubigi

Ubigi is Transatel’s brand dedicated to international mobile consumers. Ubigi offers its customers to stay “always connected” with prepaid mobile data plans at near-national rates in more than 190 destinations worldwide. The service, which is eSIM-enabled, fits smartphones, PCs, tablets and cars from partner manufacturers. For more information on Ubigi, visit https://www.ubigi.com/fr/

About Transatel

A subsidiary of the NTT Group – a world leader in technology services – Transatel is one of the leading aggregators of mobile virtual network operators in Europe, with more than 200 MVNOs launched in the last 20 years. As a pioneer in machine-to-machine communication, Transatel has developed a global cellular connectivity solution dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) for the industry and services sectors (automotive, aeronautics, logistics, energy, agriculture, health, retail, …). Transatel SIM and eSIM cards connect millions of objects, mobile devices and vehicles worldwide. To learn more about Transatel, please visit: https://www.transatel.com/

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