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[COVID-19 Lockdown] Is your Wi-Fi holding up?

Your home Wi-Fi might be just fine for personal use, but if it’s letting you down for homeworking, here’s the solution!

Lockdown means working, learning and having fun at home…

At a time when companies are enforcing remote work policies; schools and universities are closing their doors, and over a third of humanity is under complete lockdown; a reliable internet connection at home has become an absolute necessity. This is true not only for efficient office work, via collaborative apps and platforms, but also to stay informed, entertained and connected with loved ones.

Peaks in household data usage—triggered by VPN access, collaborative platforms, MOOCs and online courses, games, Netflix, and YouTube streaming, etc.—are bound to occur everywhere in the world. Home Wi-Fi might just not be powerful enough to feed the entire family with data all around the house!

Moreover, with or without the COVID-19 virus, homeworking is on the rise with companies’ widespread digital transformation. Today, it is simply impossible to guarantee stress-free, productive and efficient remote work without a robust, dependable and secured internet connection at home.

A good internet connection at home: The #1 condition for remote work

First, let’s not suppose that all employees have quality Wi-Fi, or enough bandwidth to enable the kind of internet connectivity that is needed to work from home. If most people do possess an internet or ADSL box/router, some simply can’t work efficiently, depending on where they live: weak or unreliable Wi-Fi, limited bandwidth, etc.

Second, homeworking means getting secured remote access to their company’s data and resources, (therefore, Information Systems), generally via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and secured online services, such as videoconferencing, collaborative web apps and chats like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace.

Remote workers (and their employers) who don’t benefit from ideal work conditions at home should start to seriously consider alternative mobile connectivity solutions.

It is common practice for companies to refund employees for technical equipment, internet subscription, and other remote connectivity solutions. The same expenses can be filed as professional costs by independent workers and freelancers.

Cellular connectivity, a great alternative to Wi-Fi

Prepaid cellular data bundles are a great alternative to solve the connectivity problems you and your employees might encounter during this exceptional lockdown period we’re going through.

For those lucky enough to benefit from adequate data throughput, you might just need several subscriptions or a professional line that doesn’t interfere with your personal account.

Mobile cellular connectivity offers many benefits for stress-free and efficient homeworking:

  • A connectivity solution for all mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and PCs. For mobile devices that aren’t SIM-enabled, discover the benefits of a 4G hotspot, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Secured access to your personal and company data (encrypted telecommunications).
  • Very affordable data bundles, wherever you live on the planet—or, almost!

Via Transatel DataSIM, Bitebird, and Ubigi, Transatel offers a large variety of cellular solutions and prepaid bundles: eSIM-based, physical SIM-based, 4G/LTE pocket hotspots, etc. Whatever the mobile device you wish to use, Transatel can support you during these times of crisis in all your digital home office use cases, as well as your digital entertainment, so everyone can stay productive and connected with colleagues and loved ones.

Transatel DataSIM, Bitebird et Ubigi were specifically created for world travelers. Our data bundles offer up to 90% savings on data, thanks to our partnerships with local operators in over 160 countries, spanning the five continents.

However, today, our priority is for you to stay connected with colleagues, friends, and family while you stay safe at home. That’s why we’re launching five data bundles specifically designed for digital uses in a residential context.




Limited offer: « Home Office » bundles





We’re hoping, as you are, certainly, that things will go back to normal very soon: kids back in school, employees at the office, meetings in person with clients, colleagues, friends, and a bit of travel too.

The 160 countries that we have made available for easy travel connectivity are also your homes today…

We hope to make your homes better places to work, play and stay connected with loved ones!


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