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How to gain real-time control of your mobile offer with Online Charging System?

Transatel’s Online Charging System (OCS) provides a business solution that allows you to seamlessly manage your SIMs’ bundles, service access policies, usage metering, charging, and resource control, all from one single platform. Opting for Transatel’s OCS not only streamlines operations but also guarantees a swift time-to-market for your mobile business.

What makes Transatel’s Online Charging System a valuable choice for your mobile business?

Through Transatel’s real-time control platform, you gain flexibility, allowing you to define and launch the mobile offer of your choice, with ease and security. Our OCS enables you to manage your end-users’ usage in real-time, offering a wide variety of possibilities to finely tailor key services and features.

You have control over:

  • Your SIM’s bundle lifecycle: you can define specific rules that will create alerts in case a subscriber goes over their usage limit.
  • Your own plan design: Gain a competitive edge by defining and adapting your own mobile plans, from bundle allowance to out-of-bundle rating, and more. You can do this autonomously, using our API “Bundle Factory”.
  • Your bundle’s data speeds: Customise data speeds based on specific parameters, allowing you to segment your SIM base and provide tailored offers. For example, VIP bundles with maximum data speed access (subject to MNO allowance).

How can I manage my costs and usages for maximum efficiency?

Transatel’s OCS equips MVNOs with powerful tools to manage end-user usage and costs efficiently and securely. We provide several tools to support you with your business.

  • Real-time reports: our Call Data Records (CDRs) enable you to gain access to real-time usage reports of your SIM base, allowing you to monitor acquisitions and churns and identify any anomalies in your SIM base.
  • Regulatory services: Transatel provides you access to services that help prevent bill shock and fraud, directly from your CRM tool. From protection of against high roaming costs, to limiting communication towards expensive premium services, these tools are put in place to ensure the profitability of your business.

For example, one of our clients has been able to take advantage of our OCS to allow their end-users to personally define the out-of-bundle capping amount that they want on their monthly bundle, straight from the MVNO’s branded CRM portal. This has given our client and their end-users peace of mind, no matter their preferences.

Transatel’s real-time charging system was built with our clients in mind. Our platform guarantees support for your business in a dynamic market environment, through revenue maximisation, cost control, and robust risk management. This makes it an indispensable tool for efficiently launching your mobile offer.

To find out more about how our real-time control engine can help grow your mobile business, reach out to our team of experts!

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