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IoT / Healthcare

Transatel connects MultiSense®, medical devices for remote patient monitoring

Transatel is supporting RDS (Rhythm Diagnostic Systems), a young french innovative company based in Strasbourg, within the IHU and IRCAD, which has already employed nearly 20 people (employees or consultants) since its creation in February 2020. Incubated in the SEMIA incubator for innovative startups in Strasbourg, RDS SAS is the 2020 winner of the iLab competition rewarding innovation and has been awarded the Deeptech label by BPI France. RDS is currently engaged in the design of a connected medical device for remote patient monitoring, manufactured in France and soon to be deployed worldwide thanks to Transatel’s cellular IoT connectivity solutions.

About MultiSense®

MultiSense® is a connected medical device that enables continuous remote measurement of nearly 10 key cardiac and respiratory parameters (including heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation) with hospital-grade quality. With MultiSense®, it becomes possible to monitor the patient remotely, post-surgery, outside the hospital, with equivalent (or better) quality than if they had stayed in the hospital. The MultiSense® solution is the result of several years of R&D and is protected by a large portfolio of patents. It stands out from the competition by its unrivalled performance and comfort, combined with a service offer specifically developed to lighten the burden on the health establishment. We are in the process of submitting our CE marking file and the marketing of the MultiSense® solution to healthcare institutions is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

Cellular connectivity matters

The RDS MultiSense® solution enables real-time monitoring of patients 24/7. Not being able to transmit patient data to the medical team that is monitoring them is unthinkable. In order to ensure an optimal level of connectivity for each patient, it is critical to be able to connect to the strongest cellular network, regardless of the operator. This is useful in the hospital, where indoor connectivity is often weak for some operators, as well as in the patient’s home, especially in rural areas, where not all operators are necessarily available. A second challenge for RDS is to be able to deploy its solutions internationally with an equivalent level of security, reliability and performance, and without additional procurement complexity.

Thanks to Transatel, our medical device is always connected to the best cellular networks available, in France and abroad.

Why Transatel ?

We were looking for a partner to connect our MultiSense® solution that would perfectly meet our challenges. Transatel is the company that proposed the best solution and the most adapted to our medical activity. Thanks to its network access agreements with numerous mobile operators, Transatel’s IoT connectivity platform allows our medical devices to be always connected to the strongest cellular network available anywhere in France. In addition, Transatel offers global cellular connectivity coverage, which will facilitate our development and the deployment of our connected solutions internationally by keeping a single point of contact. It is therefore quite natural that Transatel has become our partner.

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