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Iphone 14 – Ubigi : Why the end of the physical SIM card is great news for travellers?

With the introduction of the latest eSIM (virtual SIM card) enabled iPhone 14 in the US, Apple is signaling the end of the physical SIM card. Many mobile phone users who are used to international travel have expressed concern in recent hours that they will no longer be able to use local SIM cards to access the Internet while abroad and will be dependent on roaming charges from their operator.

However, Ubigi, a pioneer in the eSIM market and a provider of connectivity services for travellers, would like to remind users that this technological advance, which will progressively concern the majority of terminals, is to the advantage of travellers. Why?

No more waiting at SIM card shops, crossing language barriers or converting currency on arrival to buy a local SIM card. With eSIM, you can activate a mobile data plan instantly, remotely (with a QR code or via an app), at your leisure, and enjoy fast and immediate access to the Internet as soon as you step off the plane in any airport in the world.

No need to change SIMs in each country. You can accumulate several eSIM profiles (and therefore packages from different operators) and easily switch from one to another, or activate a global eSIM such as the Ubigi eSIM valid in over 190 destinations.

You can still be reached on your usual number. Via the device settings, users can decide to receive calls and SMS with their usual operator and use a different operator for mobile internet (particularly interesting to avoid roaming charges) and continue to use their favourite applications.

No more risk of losing your own SIM card. No more trying to figure out how to remove your SIM card from its slot and risk losing your SIM card when you return. The eSIM can be easily managed from the general menu of the phone to activate, pause or juggle between different eSIMs.

The eSIM is more eco-friendly than the physical SIM card by reducing the use of plastic and the CO2 emissions associated with the various transports that a SIM card undergoes from its production abroad to its handover to the consumer.

Finally, eSIM allows for significant savings when travelling abroad as users can choose the most economical package for each destination. In the case of Ubigi, thanks to all the international agreements signed by the brand, Ubigi subscribers and partners benefit from packages close to the local price, without roaming charges in more than 190 destinations.

eSIM meets the mobile internet needs of today’s travellers: cheaply, securely and effortlessly. It is a practical solution without the drawbacks of roaming (high costs), unsecured public Wi-Fi networks (risk of hacking) and the local SIM (restrictive) which rightly disappears.

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