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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Discover how IQ Mobile expanded their MVNO business portfolio with Transatel

IQ Mobile is a UK MVNO that helps connect families and businesses by offering great value mobile phone services and handsets on the UK’s fastest network. In less than 3 years with the help of Transatel, they have broadened their business portfolio by providing solutions for consumers ranging from individuals to B2B customers and developing strategic wholesale partnerships. Hear from telecom veteran and entrepreneur Peter Gradwell on how he was able to do this.

About IQ Mobile

IQ Mobile is a prime example of an MVNO reborn after acquisition. It was the brainchild of Fonehouse Group, signed in 2015 following the Phones4U crisis. After the Fonehouse stores were sold in 2019, the MVNO needed a new home and was bought by entrepreneur Peter Gradwell in early 2020, who has since revived the MVNO by developing new routes to market and a refreshed commercial offering. IQ provides a high-touch consumer service and makes it easy for B2B players to combine mobile with their core products.

Peter Gradwell is known for founding Gradwell Communications, a UC and fixed-line telephony platform for businesses. He knows the recurring revenue model well and has applied strategies from his previous business to the mobile market: diversifying from B2C to B2B markets and developing strategic wholesale partnerships. Today IQ is a mixed consumer and B2B MVNO, that focuses both on supporting consumer niche market vendors (e.g., kids watch, senior citizens) with airtime packages, and also delivering “fixed-mobile convergence” as a wholesale proposition back into the telecom’s reseller marketplace. 

Why did you choose to become an MVNO?

“Good question! An MVNO is not for the faint-hearted.”, says Peter Gradwell. Having over 20 years of experience in the fixed-line telecoms market, I started Gradwell Communications at Aberystwyth University, which grew to be a major operator in the cloud telephony industry. I was frustrated at having never successfully integrated mobile with the cloud pbx offering, so when I left and looked for my next challenge, I was fortunate to be able to acquire the IQ Mobile MVNO business.

One of the aspects of selling IP phones that stayed on my desk was that I rarely sat down and mostly made calls on my mobile. I could see that mobile was increasingly important in the B2B space, but the offerings in the market from the big operators were minimal. There is also a market sector of B2B Brands who want to deliver mobile services in support of their main product but do not wish to be an MVNO, either because of volume or risk issues. We have massively simplified the mobile experience and business process so that they do not need to be mobile experts in order to be able to serve that segment”, adds Peter.


The strength of the Transatel network is really good and the commercials continually improve

Why Transatel ?

IQ Mobile was already on the Transatel MVNA platform but I have been aware of them for a long time and was pleased to extend our relationship. The strength of the network is really good and the commercials continually improve. Transatel’s SIM management platform and API’s are also maturing nicely. We look forward with huge anticipation to completing the forthcoming EE platform migration.” – Peter Gradwell.


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