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Keep your subscribers connected, beyond borders!

After the long-awaited end to travel restrictions, life is slowly returning to normal with consumers and business users alike travelling the world again for leisure or affairs.  

However, when your subscribers travel out of their home country, especially outside of the EU, they may be faced with high roaming costs and the fear of unexpected charges at the end of the month. Finding a simple and affordable offer to fit their needs is never very easy. MVNOs struggle with complex implementation and questions around juggling costs when developing their own roaming offers.

It’s difficult for mobile operators to provide attractive international roaming solutions for their subscribers, as a result of high costs and complexities that are intrinsically linked to roaming solutions.”, claims Lyes Tadjer, Head of MVNO and Mobile Telephony offers at Transatel. 

For this reason, Transatel has designed specific “Roaming Passes” that our MVNOs can provide to their subscribers, that aim to meet the demand of both occasional and frequent travellers, whatever their requirements may be. Our offers are flexible and seamless: allowing the end-user to use their current SIM card abroad without having to faff around with changing SIM cards at the destination airport.

“This new international roaming offer, built specifically for our MVNOs targeting businesses of all sizes and consumers alike, was created with simplicity in mind and aims to better the user experience.”, adds Lyes Tadjer.  

Transatel has developed two distinct offers that will cater to either business or consumer subscribers. 

For Consumers, the subscription can be done via SMS by texting “Roam” or “Further”. These passes last for 24 hours from subscription and the usage is capped so the subscriber knows what they are paying. 

Business subscribers can opt-in at sign-up in order to automatically activate the roaming pass as soon as usage is detected in the relevant zone. Costs are controlled by the fleet manager and the user doesn’t need to perform any additional administration when preparing for their trip. The bundle is uncapped in case they require additional connectivity.

For both cases mentioned above, to limit bill exposure, only one pass may be purchased per day.

Transatel also provides a dedicated eSIM service for your roaming needs. Your subscribers can add an eSIM profile for data usage abroad, as well as their physical SIM card for local communications.

Transatel has over 180 available destinations available at near-local tariffs, and counting! This enables you to extend your value proposition in roaming and differentiate yourself on the market.

To find out more about our Daily Roaming Passes or our International eSIM service, please contact your Account Manager or head over to our SIM Management Portal.

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