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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Phoner, the MVNO that makes mobile telephony more sustainable with Transatel 

Phoner is a company based in Britanny that was co-founded in 2019 by three partners, Adelin, François, and Kevin. Initially, Phoner specialised in handset repairs for consumers. However, the company quickly found its feet and diversified its activities by offering the sale of refurbished phones and accessories. Now, Phoner is positioned in the B2B market with Phoner Business. The operator’s ambition is to become THE partner of choice for businesses in the management of their smartphone fleet with simple and eco-friendly mobile phone solutions.

Learn how Phoner is bringing the circular economy into the mobile business, with Adelin Revault its co-founder and CEO.

About Phoner

Phoner is first and foremost an entrepreneurial adventure. We first launched as a start-up just before the 1st  covid lockdown, offering mobile phone repairs for individuals, from our own workshop. From the outset, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from existing offers on the market through close engagement with our clients and a strong commitment to quality, with higher guarantees than what you can find on the market today. As the year went on, we then began getting hold of old handsets and accessories and selling them reconditioned both in shops and online on our e-commerce site www.phoner.co. We already have a network of 3 shops in France, in Vitry, Laval, and Rennes and have development ambitions in the coming months for both the consumer and business markets. 

Why did you choose to become an MVNO?

Very early on, we started to gain business customers. For the sake of simplicity, these business customers would ask us for more services, including the possibility of subscribing to mobile bundles. It therefore seemed evident for us to become an operator (MVNO) and sell our own mobile offers. This activity already represents almost a third of our B2B business. And it makes sense because our customers only have to deal with one point of contact, which saves them time and money. 

Today, we support VSEs, SMEs, and large groups with the ambition of being THE partner of choice for company directors and IT managers in the day-to-day management of their mobile telephony: buying or renting fleets of new and refurbished phones (and tablets), mobile bundles, repairs and maintenance, 4G & Data Only backup, … 


In terms of quality, it quickly became clear to us that Transatel was the obvious choice.

Why Transatel?

To meet the growing demand from businesses, that did not seem to find the necessary expertise, trust, or close contact with traditional operators that they required, we studied several business models. Initially, a business provider, we quickly wanted to take back control by becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) ourselves at the end of 2020. By comparing the offers on the market, it quickly became clear to us that Transatel was the obvious choice. We therefore chose quality thanks to its technical support. Its core network guarantees call quality, and the APIs allow us to easily integrate all telecom services into our own management interface.  


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