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Are Private 5G and LTE Networks the future of your business?

We’ve all heard of the emergence of private 5G networks. The subject can sometimes feel quite overwhelming, with a lot of information shared online. But what if they could help you to stay even more connected? To delve deeper into the subject, we spoke with Florian, our private cellular network solutions expert.

What are Private Cellular Networks?

Private 5G and LTE networks provide advanced wireless connectivity solutions for companies. Instead of relying on Wi-Fi or public mobile operator, these networks allow companies to establish their own 4G or 5G operator status.

These “private” networks can be put in place in 3 clear steps:
1) Installation of a Radio Access Network (RAN): You become owner of the physical antenna, instead of relying on a public network operator, thanks to the RAN.
2) Investing in a core network: you can manage and configure the antennas and the network yourself.
3) Insertion of the SIM cards: allowing your devices to connect to the private cellular network.

What are the benefits of using a Private 5G or LTE Network?

Initially designed for IoT applications, private cellular networks have become more widespread due to the arrival of 5G technology, with an increasing need for high bandwidth, data integrity and cost control. However, the technology is now used in various situations when, for example, there is a lack of public network coverage in car parks or airports.

There are several reasons why private networks are a great choice for your business solutions:

  • Extensive coverage: Have a good network coverage even in areas with poor coverage.
  • Manage your costs: Your data consumption using a private network will be completely free.
  • Better bandwidth: Faster data transfer speeds and lower latency, with multiple devices able to connect to the network simultaneously.
  • Increasing security: Manage your network security by enabling access exclusively for authorised devices.
  • Improved flexibility: Manage the network in your own way to meet your users’ needs.

Who can benefit from Private 5G or LTE Networks?

Private cellular networks can be used by businesses of all size that require internal network communication whilst maintaining privacy and security. Accessing private cellular networks has also become easier, as authorisation can be obtained directly through regulatory agencies like ARCEP in France or OFCOM in the UK.

Why Transatel | NTT is the best partner to help you extend your Private Cellular Network?

Transatel has developed a technical solution that allows its SIM cards to move seamlessly between any private network and Transatel’s public 5G and LTE networks, without the user needing to do anything. This solution is perfect for use cases such as an employee leaving the coverage of the private network of their office and needs to connect instantly to the public 5G or LTE network on their journey home. Additionally, this solution offers a technical redundancy and can be used as a strategic back-up to your private network. This ensures continuity of critical operations in the event of updates or potential breakdowns in the private network.

Transatel has already worked with many big players on this solution. During the Rugby World Cup, a private Nokia network was installed by Toulouse Métropole around fan zones and stadiums to provide a network dedicated to professionals managing the event, like firefighters, police officers and security agents. These networks are essential because public networks are saturated, WiFi is not effective enough for coverage or mobility and Tetra is very limited in bandwidth. In this scenario, Transatel provided its SIM cards allowing these professionals to connect to the private network and switch seamlessly to Transatel’s public 5G and LTE networks when they were on the move during an intervention.

Learn more about Transatel’s Private 5G and LTE Networks extension solution here or contact your account manager today.

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