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Kverneland Group brings the best of Precision Farming with Transatel’s global cellular IoT connectivity


The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed every industry, and agriculture is not an exception to this trend. Precision Farming has become a major enabler for every farmer, agricultural retailer, and agronomist thanks to the combination of technology and connectivity advancements. The adoption of mobile devices, access to high-speed internet, low-cost and reliable cellular and satellite communications (for positioning and imagery) as well as increasingly sophisticated farm equipment have altogether made precision agriculture a new reality.

Kverneland Group has been at the forefront of AgriTech innovation in the last decades, providing farmers with agricultural implements, electronic solutions and state-of-the-art digital services to improve the productivity and performances of their business.

The IsoMatch Farmcentre platform is designed to maintain and connect implements and control terminals. In combination with Kverneland’s Isobus-compliant Tellus GO+ and Tellus PRO displays, the platform gathers data from the host tractor and the implements which is transmitted, stored, and analyzed in a web application. From remote task and fleet management to geolocation and mapping, this end-to-end solution offers many new possibilities to improve the performance and simplify the work of farmers.

“Secure and reliable connectivity is critical for IsoMatch FarmCentre solution to deliver its full potential. We have chosen Transatel as our cellular connectivity service provider for their ability to provide optimal 3G and 4G coverage even in remote rural areas, worldwide.” We are proud to partner with a global cellular IoT leader to develop best-in-class connected solutions that enable our customers to improve their productivity, reduce their inputs, and most importantly, farm for a more sustainable future!”

says Karl Engelbrecht, Product Director at Kverneland Group.


Learn more about Kverneland’s Precision Farming solutions at https://ien.kverneland.com/iM-FARMING

In need of IoT connectivity to enable your smart farming solutions?

Pioneers in M2M and Industrial Internet of Things, Transatel provides 3G/4G/5G and LTE-M data connectivity for smart farming solutions worldwide. Our multi-network IoT SIM / eSIM securely connects agritech farm equipment and machines, telematics-based tractor fleet management, ground based and aerial drones, livestock trackers and crop monitoring sensors to help create a connected environment for the farmers in the field.

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