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Bertrand Salomon to talk at the Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles London on June 15th! Arrange a meeting below…

Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles

Transatel Deputy CEO, Bertrand Salomon, talks on the importance of “Partnering to Foster The Digital Innovation in Auto” alongside Automotive Grade Linux, Dovu, Globetouch and TU-Automotive. Topics will include:

  • Assessing the need to create partnerships in a fragmented and evolving ecosystem
  • The role of IoT in connecting industries
  • How can car manufacturers, insurers, tier 1’s, software and hardware suppliers work together to drive new business?
  • What is the role of the Start Up in the new ecosystem?
  • What new opportunities are there in different geographies?

Venue: ExCeL London

Date: Thursday, June 15th

Time: 11:00


Dan Cauchy, Executive Director, Automotive Grade Linux

Irfon Watkins, Founder and CEO, dovu

Nitin Karmarkar, Senior Vice President, Globetouch

Bertrand Salomon, Deputy CEO, Transatel

Moderator: Gareth Ragg, Managing Director, TU-Automotive


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