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Transatel is shortlisted for the IoT Global Awards!

The IoT Global Awards is a prestigious awards program honoring the most innovative companies, products and individual talent in IoT industry.

Each year an independent and qualified panel of judges  looks for the most innovative IoT applications, or the apps that are most valuable or beneficial (to both user & provider) and which advance the cause of the Internet of Things (IoT). Independent judges select 11 of the very best corporations, companies, start-ups and business leaders from the IoT sector out of hundreds of applications.

Transatel was shortlisted in two categories: Industry & Construction and Securing IoT. Transatel showcased a cost-effective solution to enrich Private LTE/5G networks for a managed, secure, and global IoT connectivity service. The service is easily implemented to benefit the entire production lifecycle.

To avoid critical service interruptions, Transatel unifies all the cellular networks in use, whether public or private. Connected assets thereby always benefit from the value-added services of the private network, anywhere in the world. Outside the private network, security is reinforced with the signature and seal of any IoT device’s data using public-key cryptography with a private, specific key for each SIM. This prevents data alteration and provides scalable, end-to-end security.

To see the shortlist pf IoT Global Awards 2020 click here

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