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What is an MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator?

Virtual mobile operators

In the field of mobile telephony, people often think of historical operators such as BT, Vodafone, O2 or Three. However, there are many alternative players on the market. that cater to specific use cases. These so-called virtual operators or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) are hosted on the mobile operators’ network (MNO: Mobile Network Operator), using their infrastructure to provide commercial offers under their own brand. 

Traditional network operators offer a range of generic mobile services primarily aimed at the public, often omitting specific business needs. MVNOs meet these expectations with offers that are adapted to professionals.

Although sometimes they are competitors, MVNOs and network operators are in fact mostly interdependent in the mobile telephony market and benefit mutually from each other. The MVNO needs a network infrastructure on which to host its commercial offer. Antennas, bandwidth, data centers, and technical developments are provided and managed by the operator. In return, this operator diversifies their portfolio and captures more traffic on their network thanks to the communications of their partner MVNOs’ subscribers. 

MVNO, creating more flexibility

In order to attract customers, MVNOs must differentiate themselves by offering innovative services based on a particular demographic (teenagers, seniors, interest-based communities, etc.). There are therefore many different MVNO profiles possible. Whether they address B2B, B2C, or community markets, each design retail offer is adapted to the end user.  

The pricing grids implemented by MVNOs allow them to offer preferential rates for certain use cases such as international calls or calls to a mobile line on the same network. AN MVNO can also modify the access that their subscribers have to certain services such as blocking the use of data when roaming abroad or limiting access to adult content. For professionals, an MVNO can also offer fixed-mobile convergence services, voice routing, or Data routing, for example using a fixed IP. 

MVNO light or full?

The ability of an MVNO to market an offer that is different from those offered by traditional operators depends in part on its level of interconnection with the network operator. In the jargon of the telecommunication industry, we speak of Light MVNOs and Full MVNOs to designate the different levels of interconnection and services. Regardless of the level, the direct interconnection between an MVNO and a network operator (MNO) is a complex, lengthy, and costly operation. It requires significant technical and commercial resources and skills. 

Do you wish to become a mobile operator?

For over 20 years, Transatel has made it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to gain access to the mobile market by supporting them through the process of launching their MVNO on the best network in UK. As the leading European aggregator (MVNA), Transatel has already launched over 200 MVNOs and has unique expertise in the market. 

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