Microsoft bringing 3G and 4G LTE service to Windows 10 devices

French mobile virtual network enabler Transatel providing 3G/LTE SIM to Microsoft

Tech powerhouse Microsoft, in partnership with Transatel, is bringing 3G and LTE connectivity to Windows 10 devices; customers will be able to purchase cellular data service in-browser with no carrier interaction.

Transatel provides various support services to mobile virtual network operators in Europe. The company’s SIM 901 is designed to provide cellular connectivity across geographies as it’s not affixed to a certain country. Currently Transatel offers claims to offer service in 38 countries and plans to expand to 50 in the first quarter of 2016.

As for the Microsoft partnership, users with a Microsoft account, coupled with a compatible device, will be able to purchase cellular data through the Microsoft account on an as-needed basis.

Microsoft corporate VP Eric Lockard explained customers can access cellular “in just a few short clicks. We want to promote the adoption of cellular connectivity on Windows tablets and laptops to complement classic Wi-Fi connectivity and make it easier for consumers to connect to the Internet, anywhere, anytime. The Transatel SIM 901 solution helps us reach this objective in multiple markets through a single interface.”

Transatel Deputy CEO Bertrand Salomon said the combination “provides a completely new end-user experience. We’re excited to be a part of the Windows 10 user journey. I anticipate that customers will enjoy the convenience of embedded cellular connectivity in Windows 10 devices.”

Transatel expanding into North America with Affirmed Networks providing NFV solutions

In addition to the Microsoft partnership, Transatel is bringing its embedded device connectivity to North America using a Mobile Content Cloud solution from Affirmed Networks.

Transatel and Affirmed Networks work together in Europe where Transatel uses Affirmed’s virtual evolved packet core to service mobile virtual network operators and machine-t0-machine customers.

“Expanding Transatel’s worldwide infrastructure serves the global vision of the SIM 901 solution. Our ambition is to become the leading embedded connectivity platform for tablets and laptops,” Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel, said. “We were able to become operational in just two months, which has helped us be responsive to the needs of our customers in this new market.”

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