Transatel launches roaming SIM for computers and tablets

Le 3 juin 2015, par Mobile Webza

Transatel has announced the launch of its global Data SIM which will offer 3G connectivity from any device.

Transatel claim that the Data SIM card will be able to fit into any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer and will provide users with global 3G connectivity. CEO Jacques Bonifay said: ‘Today, only 3 to 4% of computers and 5 to 10% of tablets on the market are provided with a module that allows the insertion of a SIM card. Most often, they are only Wi-Fi equipped, which is problematic since Wi-Fi isn’t always available, and can be expensive.’

The company claim that, since the launch of its SIM 901 last year, it has ‘been preparing for a rising demand in embedded connectivity’ in order to combat the unreliability of WiFi connections. Transatel has stated that the new Data SIM will be ‘always available when WiFi may not be’.

The Data SIM will offer data roaming at local rates through Transatel partnerships across 15 countries, with the MVNA describing the new SIM as ‘ideal for frequent or regular travellers.’

Bonifay added: ‘The Transatel Data SIM card delivers connectivity in any given country at local rates. We are currently negotiating agreements worldwide with local operators, and will keep adding access to 2 to 3 countries every month.’

Users will currently be able to receive connectivity in France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, India and Malaysia.

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