How to get free and cheap roaming anywhere in the world

ROAMING CHARGES are one of the banes of the lives of travellers, and we’ve seen countless horror stories of less-than-savvy holiday goers facing thousands of pounds in charges on their return to Blighty. So how do you avoid them? Well, the answer is, lots of ways.

Transatel DataSIM
If you’re a regular traveller, then you might want a device you can count on working first time every time, especially if the company is paying. In which case, this offering from French telecoms company Transatel could be what you’re seeking. Available as just a SIM card, or with a 3G or 4G MiFi dongle provided, the device comes with 25 Euros of credit, which is worth 1GB in Europe. The SIM is truly global but the price changes – for example, in the Americas (including the US) it’s a much steeper 49 Euros for 500GB. So do check first. Transatel claims it’s up to 90 percent cheaper than roaming.

Cost: €29 for the SIM, up to £129 with a Huawei 4G Hotspot (includes €25 credit).

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