Transatel to provide connectivity platform in EU region for FCA’s Mopar Connect on-board unit

Transatel won a contract to provide Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) with machine-to-machine connectivity tor the provisioning ot mobile network services and an IOT platform in the European Union region (ELI 29) for FCA’s on-board telematics units, Mopar Connect. FCA recently launched a new on-board telematics unit under the ‘Mopar Connect’ brand. The unit will provide complementary apps and services to FCA’s customers, including fleet management, remote control, predictive maintenance, crash assistance and stolen vehicle tracking services. The Mopar Connect services, connected via Transatel’s machine-to-machine IOT platform, target both the ausiness-to-Business (323) market (such as car rental firms) and the Business-to-

Consumer (B2C) market. Transatel provides Mopar with its mobile network operator profile based on its SIM 901 technology. The profile is onboarded onto FCA’s eSlM cards (eUlCC compliant), to guarantee connectivity services with a private APN and secure authentication, as well as to provide a

complete connectivity management plattorm. Transatel’s IOT platform tor the automotive market will be deployed in the ELI 29 and will be

operational outside the EL] 29 too, thanks to Transatel’s global network agreements Witn more than 130 MNOs worldwide to date.